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Startup Store

Start-up Stores are also an E-Commerce platform that helps create a new revenue stream for Micro and Small businesses. By Rapid application development method and design reusability, we have cut down the development costs by around 60% from the Standard E-Commerce Development.
The Motto behind the solution is to help Small/Start-up Entrepreneurs participate in digital businesses. Sure it’ll deliver massive business opportunities in this digital era.
The Start-up Store has the following features,

Attractive Marketplace Page
PWA (Phone based Web Applications)
User Management
Product Management
Offer Management
Content Management
Payment Gateway API Integration
Shipping Gateway API Integration
Admin Dashboard
Store Report & Statistics
User Training
Hosting Server
E-Commerce Server maintenance
Start-up Stores, an innovative E-Commerce platform designed to create a new revenue stream for Micro and Small businesses. Leveraging the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method and incorporating design reusability, we have successfully reduced development costs by approximately 60%, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution compared to standard E-Commerce Development practices.
Our primary mission is to empower Small and Start-up Entrepreneurs, enabling them to actively participate and thrive in the digital business landscape. In today's digital era, our solution not only facilitates a streamlined E-Commerce experience but also opens up massive business opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs.
Key Features of Start-up Stores:
Attractive Marketplace Page:
We understand the importance of visual appeal. Our platform boasts an attractive marketplace page that captivates users and encourages engagement.
PWA (Progressive Web Applications):
Embrace the mobile era with our Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users accessing your platform via mobile devices.
User Management:
Effortlessly manage user accounts, profiles, and preferences through our user-friendly interface, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
Product Management:
Easily organize and showcase your products with robust product management tools, making it simple for customers to browse and make informed purchase decisions.
Offer Management:
Drive sales and customer loyalty with effective offer management features, allowing you to implement and showcase enticing promotions and discounts.
Content Management:
Take control of your content with our user-friendly content management system, enabling you to update and customize information across your platform effortlessly.
Payment Gateway API Integration:
Ensure secure and seamless transactions with integrated Payment Gateway APIs, offering a variety of payment options for your customers.
Shipping Gateway API Integration:
Streamline order fulfillment and delivery processes through integrated Shipping Gateway APIs, providing accurate and efficient shipping solutions.
Admin Dashboard:
Gain comprehensive insights and control over your platform with a feature-rich Admin Dashboard, allowing you to monitor and manage various aspects of your E-Commerce business.
Store Report & Statistics:
Access valuable analytics and reporting tools to track store performance, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions.
User Training:
Our platform includes user training resources to ensure that entrepreneurs and store administrators are equipped with the knowledge to effectively manage their E-Commerce operations.
Hosting Server:
Benefit from reliable hosting services, ensuring that your E-Commerce platform remains accessible and responsive to users at all times.
E-Commerce Server Maintenance:
We handle the ongoing maintenance of your E-Commerce server, ensuring optimal performance, security, and efficiency.
Start-up Stores is more than just a platform; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of emerging businesses. Join us in the digital revolution, where our E-Commerce platform becomes the catalyst for your success. Explore the potential, embrace innovation, and redefine your business journey with Start-up Stores.
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Looking for the best Ecommerce Development Company in Coimbatore? AURORA iTech Technologies is your answer! We specialize in crafting E-commerce solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business, seamlessly adapting to both single or multi-vendor online marketplaces.
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E-commerce Development Service:

E-commerce Website Development Company in Coimbatore

AURORA iTech Technologies stands as a professional E-commerce development company based in Coimbatore, India. We excel in providing custom E-commerce website design, development, and maintenance services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. As a leading E-commerce development company in Coimbatore, we are committed to delivering high-quality results that surpass our clients' expectations. With extensive experience in E-commerce website development, we are among the most sought-after E-commerce development companies in Coimbatore.
Why Does Your Business Need An E-commerce Website?
Being one of the top E-commerce website designing companies in Coimbatore, we boast the #1 E-commerce web designers who deliver result-driven insights, leading to increased conversions and higher website traffic for your business.
Lower overhead costs
Improved customer experience
Competitive advantage
Increased reach
How Do We Work?
AURORA iTech Technologies, as an E-commerce website development company, caters to all types of clients and industries with the utmost quality of E-commerce development services. After a thorough understanding of your needs, we move on to the requirement analysis for E-commerce website development. Our expert E-commerce website designers delve into all critical aspects, including E-commerce website workflow, theme selection, layout division, eye-catching font selection, appropriate image placement, optimizing keywords, etc. We offer custom E-commerce web designing as well as open-source E-commerce development platforms such as Magento, PHP Nuke, WooCommerce, OpenCart development, etc.
Planning and Discovery
Gathering Requirement
Designing and Coding
Publishing and Maintenance
We Build Your Online Empire
E-commerce is the best way for retailers to improve online sales and increase brand value. Whether selling groceries, electronics, or food items, an E-commerce store is essential for selling products online.
Noteworthy Aspects:
Web Design For E-commerce:
A good E-commerce website showcases products individually, promoting easy global selling. Our E-commerce website development experts focus on helping organizations achieve online business goals through stunning website design and an internet marketing strategy. We are the best E-commerce website designers in Coimbatore, India, who grasp the nature of your business and put our understanding into building a fully functional and converting website. All E-commerce websites designed by us are mobile-responsive and cross-browser friendly.
Product Catalog Management:
With E-commerce product catalog management, organize and showcase products in a structured manner, facilitating easy search for customers.
Inventory Management:
Ensure accurate tracking of product availability, preventing overselling and stockouts, and providing real-time inventory updates.
Order Management:
Our E-commerce portal developers facilitate seamless order tracking, shipping, and returns, ensuring customer satisfaction.
Platform Migration:
Our E-commerce website development experts guide you in choosing the right platform and execute seamless migrations.
Return & Refunds:
Handle product returns, exchanges, and issue refunds to ensure customer satisfaction in robust E-commerce software.
Cross-Selling and Upselling:
Our website development for E-commerce allows upselling and cross-selling, increasing the average order value (AOV).
Search Functionality:
E-commerce website development services enable quick finding of specific products, improving the overall shopping experience.
Wishlist and Save for Later:
Allow visitors to save products in a wishlist or “save for later” feature, facilitating future purchases and preventing loss of potential customers.
Promotional Offers & Discounts:
Highlight special offers, discounts, and promotions on the website to captivate customers.
Customer Account Management:
Allow customers to save preferences, track order history, and enjoy personalized shopping experiences in the E-commerce platform.
Engage, Convert & Conquer! Ecommerce Development Services That Propel Your Online Store Growth. Turn Visitors Into Buyers
BOOST SALES - E-commerce Development Services That Propel Your Online Store Growth. E-commerce Web Design Company in Coimbatore
As the top E-commerce website design company in Coimbatore, we create visually appealing and user-friendly E-commerce website designs optimized for search engines. Working closely with clients to understand their unique needs, we provide customized solutions meeting their business goals. Specializing in E-commerce website designing, we offer clients a one-stop solution for all their E-commerce needs. The success of your E-commerce website lies in measuring and tracking user behavior and sources. With the aid of web analytics software, we identify opportunities and threats for website user engagement.
E-commerce Landing Page:
Dedicated team of professionals at our E-commerce web design company creates visually appealing landing pages that are tested and optimized to sell your products and convert visitors into buying customers.
Theme Customization:
We tailor the look and feel of your E-commerce website to match your brand identity and provide a unique user experience for your customers. We work on E-commerce themes, custom theme creation, theme migration, etc.
Mobile Responsive:
Our mobile E-commerce developers build responsive and compatible websites across all devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktops, giving users an exceptional UI experience and increasing engagement and sales.
Payment Gateway Integration:
We provide seamless and secure payment gateway integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, CCAvenue, debit cards, and more, depending on client requirements to enable hassle-free payments.
Sales Page Optimization:
We are the #1 E-commerce development company in Coimbatore that understands your target audience and business goals to create customized and effective sales pages that highly convert to boost sales.
Custom E-commerce Design:
Custom E-commerce software from one of the best E-commerce companies in Coimbatore enables the website to have more power to create custom plug-ins, themes, modules, and customized stores and functionalities.
Module Development:
Our E-commerce web development services comprise fully featured E-commerce module development, enabling the creation of marketplaces, membership modules, catalog management, and inventory modules according to your needs.
Catalog Development:
With aesthetic E-commerce webpage design, we facilitate presenting your products to captivate customers. With a well-optimized product catalog, get the power to publish and monitor your products.
Our Ecommerce Platforms Expertise:
Technology Stack Employed To Establish your Online Super Store:
AURORA iTech Technologies Creates E-commerce Websites That Make Your Online Business A Great Success.
We provide unique E-commerce website designs for a wide variety of industries and showcase their products online. Our shopping cart design displays products individually, giving a pleasant experience to viewers and converting more viewers into buying customers. Just adding products and integrating a payment gateway will not make your E-commerce business a success. Our team of E-commerce experts first analyzes your business demands and target customers, guiding our design and development team to make your E-commerce website a success by bringing more orders. We offer high-quality custom shopping websites from fashion to automobiles to the marketplace.
Front End Design – Responsive – Engage your website visitor!
Accessing information from multiple devices is not a simple thing. It is the art of converting your visitor through mobile into a paying customer. We implement a responsive design that accommodates modern user behavior and impacts future UI design. We leverage our expertise to deliver a great user experience across different devices and platforms. Our website design relies on Bootstrap and CMS platforms, enabling us to create a beautiful website for your business and gives users an enjoyable experience.
Why Should You Hire AURORA iTech Technologies For Your Next E-Commerce Web Design Project?
We undertake all types of open-source E-commerce websites such as Magento development, WooCommerce development, CakePHP, PrestaShop, and OpenCart development.
Highly skilled E-commerce web designers and well-experienced developers.
Our in-depth analysis of E-commerce design converts your website visitor into a buying customer.
Our marketing specialists guide you on the ins and outs of marketing strategies.
We offer highly optimized and fast-loading E-commerce websites.
E-commerce services with cutting-edge technologies to build your online store.
Website design for E-commerce with search engines in mind.
Ecommerce Web Page Speed Enhancements
SEO Optimized Design
Product Availability and Stock Updates
Trust Badges and Secure Checkout
Analytics and Reporting
Ecommerce Website Support

The development time also reduced 60% from the Standard E-Commerce development.

Our Process

1. Choose Theme
Intro visit and choose a ready go solution theme
2. Inputs
Collect inputs like logo, content, and images
3. Frontend
Customize color schemes and integrate inputs
4. Backend
API and Database development for the front end
5. Final review
One round of final review and revisions on the e-Commerce
6. Testing
Complete Testing and QA of the e-Commerce
7. Go Live
Go Live support for the E-Commerce
8. Maintanance
E-Commerce server maintenance supports.

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