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AiT Dynamic

The dynamic plan is suitable for Micro and Small businesses, which offer a Multi-page site with Search Engine Friendly Design. User-friendly Website by the CMS (Content Management System). It offers instant content and image update on the website whenever, wherever. It Designed Based on Instant Delivery Objective.
The site has the below Salient Features,

CMS (Content Management System)
SEO Friendly
Live Chat
Multiple Pages
Brand Banners
Service / Product Modules
Enquiry Form
User Training
Server Hosting
Website Maintenance
AURORA iTech Technologies, your trusted WordPress Website Designing and Website Development Company in India, based in Coimbatore.
We specialize in crafting exceptional websites on the WordPress platform, a choice embraced by 25% of websites globally for its easy navigation and SEO-friendly options. With us, you'll experience the perfect synergy of AURORA iTech's expertise and the versatility of WordPress, resulting in websites that not only captivate but also drive business growth.

Benefits of Choosing WordPress Development Services:

Content Focus:
WordPress enables website owners to concentrate more on content development, ensuring that your message takes center stage.
Uncomplicated and Unique Design:
Enjoy a user-friendly and distinctive design that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and brand identity.
Search Engine Friendly:
WordPress offers a search engine-friendly design and optimization, enhancing your website's visibility and ranking.
Fully Customizable and Easy to Use:
Benefit from a fully customizable and controllable platform that is easy to manage and adapt to your evolving needs.
SEO-Friendly WordPress Websites:
WordPress's dominance on the web is unparalleled, with top marketers experiencing increased visibility on search engine result pages for WordPress-built websites. At AURORA iTech Technologies, our tests confirm better clicks, more impressions, and superior visibility for WordPress websites on Google compared to normal websites. We leverage powerful plugins like All in SEO, Yoast, and WP SEO to optimize WordPress websites for search engines.
Turn Your Passion into Success:
Whether you're a small or large business, we design and build brands, campaigns, and digital projects that resonate with your audience, helping you achieve unprecedented success.

Why Choose AURORA iTech Technologies for WordPress Web Design?

Affordable WordPress Web Design:
As an affordable WordPress web design and development company in India, located in Coimbatore, the collaboration between AURORA iTech and WordPress delivers remarkable results.
Shopping Cart Integration with WooCommerce:
Yes, we can integrate a shopping cart with the WordPress platform. Our preferred choice is WooCommerce, a powerful and extendable e-commerce plugin that seamlessly integrates into WordPress.
WordPress Website Customization:
We excel at capturing your business needs and customizing WordPress websites for user-friendliness, search engine friendliness, and high traffic generation.
Key WordPress CMS Platform Services:
WordPress Web Design:
Creativity knows no bounds as we design visually stunning websites compatible with various devices and browsers.
E-commerce Customization with WooCommerce:
We customize and install plugins to set up your WordPress e-commerce store, making the first impression count for potential customers.
PSD to WordPress SEO:
Implement powerful SEO services for your website on the WordPress platform, leveraging open-source SEO tools for optimal performance on search engine result pages (SERPs).
Theme Customization:
If off-the-shelf WordPress themes don't align with your business requirements, our theme customization services ensure a perfect fit for your niche.
WordPress Web Development:
From planning to coding, we customize WordPress websites to meet your business needs, utilizing qualified WordPress professionals for plugin modification or creation.
WordPress Migration:
Seamlessly migrate your WordPress files to your hosting partner without data loss, covering all aspects of migration, including database files, reconfiguration, and image transfer.
Why Choose Us?
WordPress SEO:
Our support and maintenance services extend beyond launch, covering ongoing monitoring, speed optimization, content updates, and quick fixes to ensure optimal website performance.
100% Responsive:
Our web designs support various screen sizes, optimizing layouts and frames for a mobile-responsive website experience.
Flexible Team:
Our 24/7 working team is united, flexible, and dedicated to meeting customer requirements, ensuring client satisfaction is our primary goal.
Competitive Price:
Our highly competitive pricing structure allows you to allocate resources efficiently, saving costs without compromising on quality.
At AURORA iTech Technologies, we are a 100% scalable WordPress Website Development Company in India, equipped with a talented and experienced workforce dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions. Whether you need WordPress web developers or maintenance services, we save you time and money while ensuring excellence in theme migration, installation, SEO, support, and maintenance.
Ready to embark on your WordPress journey with us? Contact us at +91 860 830 4444 and let's start turning your passion into success.
WordPress powering 35% of the internet, having a fully functional and feature-rich website is essential for reaching a wider audience. At AURORA iTech, we provide WordPress websites in Coimbatore across various niches and domains, including:
Business Corporate Website:
Create a professional and impactful online presence for your business with a corporate website tailored to your brand.
E-commerce Website:
Elevate your online store with a user-friendly and secure e-commerce website, driving sales and enhancing the customer shopping experience.
Educational Website:
Establish an informative and engaging educational website, providing valuable resources and information to students, parents, and educators.
NGO / Nonprofit Website:
Boost your nonprofit organization's online visibility and support with a compelling website that communicates your mission and drives engagement.
Medical / Healthcare Website:
Showcase your healthcare services and expertise with a professional medical website that instills trust and connects with patients.
Hotel Booking Website:
Streamline your hotel's online presence with a booking website that makes it easy for visitors to explore options and make reservations.
LMS Website:
Create an effective Learning Management System (LMS) website for educational institutions or businesses, offering seamless online learning experiences.
Portfolio / Blog Website:
Showcase your work or express your thoughts through a visually appealing portfolio or blog website, reaching a wider audience.
Real Estate Website:
Enhance your real estate business with a feature-rich website, showcasing properties and facilitating easy navigation for potential clients.
Travel and Tourism Website:
Promote travel destinations and services with an enticing website that captures the spirit of exploration and adventure.
Directory Listing Website:
Facilitate easy discovery of businesses or services in a specific location with a directory listing website that provides comprehensive information.
Affiliate Website:
Create an effective affiliate marketing platform with a website that drives conversions and maximizes revenue through strategic partnerships.
At AURORA iTech, our WordPress Website Designing and Website Development services in Coimbatore are designed to keep your website in sync with modern web trends, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds user expectations. Let us help you build a digital presence that resonates with your target audience and achieves your business goals.

A successful website does three things:
It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
Guides them to the main services or products you offer.
Collect Contact details for future ongoing relations.

Our Process

1. Theme Options
Choose a suitable Ready To Go Theme related to business
2. Input
Gather the required inputs like logo, contents, pictures.
3. Development
Working on Dynamic & Content Integration
4. Domain
Confirm the domain name and details
5. Demo
Showcase the website with content for final review.
6. Testing
Complete test case activity of the website
7. Live
Go live with the approved web design

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