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AURORA iTech had Tech Experts, have a Full Stack Development Skillsets, Support on Front End Development, Back End Development, Database, DevOps, Web and Mobile App Developments. We help to build your B2B/B2C Business software solutions. It resolves the challenges in the industry. We offer 360-degree support in developing your web application with world-class quality. Which improves internal/external business operations with a custom web application.
Custom web app development involves creating a web application tailored to specific needs and requirements. Whether you're building an internal tool for your business, a customer-facing application, or a complex system to solve a particular problem, custom web app development allows you to design and implement a solution that precisely fits your goals.

steps involved in custom web app development:

Define Requirements:
Clearly outline the objectives and functionality of your web application. Identify the target audience and their needs. List features and prioritize them based on importance.
Choose Technology Stack:
Select appropriate programming languages, frameworks, and tools based on your project requirements. Consider factors such as scalability, security, and future maintenance.
Design the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):
Create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app's layout and navigation. Focus on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Backend Development:
Develop the server-side logic and functionality. Implement databases, server architecture, and APIs. Ensure data security and integrity.
Frontend Development:
Implement the user interface based on the design. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (along with frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue) for client-side development. Ensure responsiveness for various devices and screen sizes.
Integration of Third-Party Services:
Integrate necessary third-party services such as payment gateways, authentication systems, or APIs.
Conduct thorough testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. Identify and fix bugs or issues.
Deploy the web application to a server or cloud platform. Configure domain settings and ensure proper server configuration.
Monitoring and Maintenance:
Implement monitoring tools to track performance and user behavior. Provide ongoing maintenance and updates to address issues and introduce new features.
Implement security measures to protect against common web vulnerabilities. Regularly update software components to patch security vulnerabilities.
Document the codebase, architecture, and any necessary user manuals.
Design the application to be scalable to handle increased loads as user numbers grow.
User Training and Support:
Provide training materials or sessions for users. Offer ongoing support and address user inquiries.
Custom web app development requires collaboration between stakeholders, including project managers, developers, designers, and end-users, to ensure the final product aligns with the initial vision and meets the intended objectives.
Our expertize team, will support to develop following solutions,

Custom Web App Development
Enterprise systems
Web portals
Web App Re-engineering
Web App Consulting
Industry-specific business solutions
Progressive web apps

Application development is the most required business solution to meet the current market trend. Companies drive revenue and improvise their productivity with help of the software development solutions.

Our Process

1. Purpose
Intro visit to discuss the core purpose of development
2. Technology
Suggest the best technology options available with all factors.
3. SRS
Prepare the Software Requirements and Specifications
4. Front End Design
Design the User interface Review, Revise and correction support
5. Back End
Coding and development of the entire system on sprint basis
6. Review
Multiple milestone review for the software system
7. Testing
Approved applications Testing & Quality Analysis
8. Go Live
Successful Go Live Support for the developed application
9. Support
Extended support the application

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