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React Native

We assist clients in creating cutting-edge native and cross-platform mobile applications using well-liked and quickly expanding React Native Technology.

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We serve a wide range of clients from different sectors.
We provide ongoing assistance for upkeep and upgrading to better possibilities.
To achieve corporate objectives, we create cross-platform, feature-rich, engaging mobile apps.

React Native Development

One of the newest technologies that are frequently employed by those who create mobile applications in React Native. Several companies have quickly embraced it to create some of the most beautiful and lucrative apps on the market. React Native development is the way to go if you have a ground-breaking app concept and you need it to function on both Android and iOS. Having great experience in this React Native technology, our app developers deliver mobile apps that respond in the most competitive way to consumer preferences.
React Native, a hybrid cross-platform app development technology is growing in popularity as more people use mobile devices because it allows businesses to drastically reduce project costs and deadlines. From the original idea to the finished mobile app’s distribution in the App Store and Google Play, our team of mobile app developers has worked with customers with a variety of demands.

React Native – Technology in Detail

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. With React Native, developers can use a single codebase to create native-like applications for both iOS and Android platforms. It allows for a more efficient and streamlined development process by leveraging the principles of React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Key features and concepts of React Native include:

  1. Single Codebase:
    • React Native enables developers to write their application logic in JavaScript and use a single codebase to deploy apps on both iOS and Android platforms. This promotes code reusability and helps save development time.
  2. React-Based Components:
    • React Native uses React’s component-based architecture. Developers can create reusable UI components and compose them to build complex user interfaces. This approach is known for its declarative and efficient nature.
  3. Native Performance:
    • React Native applications are not web apps wrapped in a WebView; they are compiled to native code. This results in native-like performance and user experience, as the components are rendered using native UI elements.
  4. Hot Reload:
    • Similar to Flutter, React Native features a Hot Reload capability. Developers can see the immediate effects of their code changes without restarting the entire application, making the development process faster and more interactive.
  5. Native Modules and Integrations:
    • React Native allows developers to integrate native modules written in Java or Swift, providing access to device-specific features such as camera, GPS, and more. This is achieved through a bridge that connects JavaScript with native code.
  6. React Navigation:
    • React Navigation is a popular navigation library for React Native. It provides a flexible and customizable solution for handling navigation in mobile applications, supporting stack navigation, tab navigation, and more.
  7. Community and Ecosystem:
    • React Native has a large and active community, contributing to an extensive ecosystem of third-party libraries, tools, and plugins. This makes it easier for developers to find solutions to common problems and accelerate development.
  8. Expo Framework:
    • Expo is a set of tools and services that complements React Native development. It provides a simplified development environment, access to a range of APIs, and a convenient way to build and deploy React Native apps without the need for native development environments.
  9. Redux Integration:
    • React Native works well with Redux, a state management library. Redux helps manage the state of an application in a predictable way, which can be particularly beneficial in larger and more complex apps.
  10. Backed by Facebook:
    • React Native is actively maintained by Facebook and has a large community of developers and contributors. Updates and improvements are regularly released to address issues and introduce new features.

React Native has gained widespread adoption in the mobile app development community due to its advantages in terms of code sharing, developer productivity, and the ability to create high-performance applications with a native look and feel. It is used by a variety of companies to build mobile apps, including those with complex and feature-rich interfaces.

Our method for creating mobile applications


To produce genuinely engaging goods, we collaborate with clients and generate ideas from them.


Plans for the entire interface and the material that will be included in it will be made with clarity. This enables us to adapt to changing circumstances and early feedback.


We create & build the product step-by-step to meet client expectations. We cooperate closely


Finally, we check the program for errors or defects. When the testing is through, we make sure our clients receive quality service.

Our React Native Mobile App Development Services

We offer top-notch bespoke application development services to companies across all industries. Following your vision and requirements, our top-performing React Native engineers will handle your project and provide the highest quality outcome.

Services and Upkeep

For React Native applications, we offer support and maintenance services around-the-clock. A Dedicated Team is assigned to your application as part of this service, and they continuously check its status and provide fast issue repair, risk analysis, and hacker prevention.

Our Works & Services React Native Applications

Grocery Delivery App Development


  • a mediator or facilitator who links a customer with the supermarket
  • Ideal for companies that operate a supermarket or a chain of outlets


  • like aggregators, except firms use their own delivery staff to distribute goods.

Individual Shops

  • a grocery shop with a tailored app to complement its physical location and establish an online presence.

Chains of supermarkets

  • Grocery chain on-demand apps that are substantial and scalable
  • gathering customer information to provide highly customized offers

Location-Based App Development


  • Find hotels and well-known eateries using your present location.
  • Give passengers alerts and messages in real-time


  • Items are conveniently located in stores.
  • Verify the goods’ availability and any deals or discounts.
  • Choose delivery or pickup.


  • monitoring of vehicle locations
  • Informing travelers of arrivals and delays
  • achieving delivery compliance and speed

monitoring of health and fitness

  • Create a daily exercise routine.
  • Find nearby fitness centers or personal trainers
  • Connect with other traveling fitness enthusiasts who share your interests.

Community and social media

  • List and display candidates based on proximity to each other
  • Connect with people worldwide based on your choices of location

Healthcare Mobile App Development

applications for healthcare

  • Make it possible for patients and doctors to regularly consult with one another
  • combines telemedicine features such as video consultations, appointment scheduling, and remote patient monitoring.

Applications for telepharmacies

  • enables quick and easy contact between patients and pharmacists to discuss prescriptions, dosage, and other topics.

Medical apps

  • designed specifically for pharmaceutical and medical organizations to streamline processes and share data about new products, medical procedures, and more. Read more about how our customized healthcare solutions assist medical practices in enhancing clinical effectiveness and delivering better patient care.

Exercise apps

  • provides customers with frequent advice on nutrition and exercise routines to help them reach their fitness goals and stay active.

Apps for mental health

  • maintains mental wellness through counseling and therapy sessions that encourage restful sleep and stress reduction through interesting visuals and exercise.

Advantages of Developing Mobile Apps using React Native

  • Cost- and time-effectiveness
  • the appearance and feel of your apps
  • The codebases for iOS, Android, and the Web are shared
  • outstanding performance

AURORA iTech specializes in React native Technology based Hybrid Mobile Application development for all business sectors.

Just share your requirement with us, we will give a solution roadmap for your requirement