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Native App Development

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Native App Development

Applications that come preloaded and set up on every Apple machine, such as Pictures, Mail, and Contacts, are examples of native apps for platforms like Mac and PC. Nevertheless, the phrase “native app” in the context of mobile web applications refers to any program created to operate on a particular device platform.

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Native App Development

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most popular mobile OS platforms. Native apps are created by developers using the OS and device code. For instance, while creating native Android apps in Java, developers construct iOS applications in Objective-C or Swift.
Native applications interact with the operating system of the device in a way that makes them speedier and more adaptable than other application kinds. If various device kinds of users each device has a unique version of the app that developers have created.
To use the same code for iOS, Android, and mobile web, the Facebook application was formerly designed in HTML5. Nevertheless, iOS users had a slower experience with the app, so Facebook’s app engineers built separate code for iOS.

Advantages of native applications

  1. broad functionalities due to using the capabilities of the underlying device;
  2. fast and responsive software performance;
  3. push notifications;
  4. a UI that better matches with user experiences of the OS; and
  5. quality assurance through ratings in application stores.