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MEAN Stack

Creating dynamic websites and web apps, MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack. Alternatively, we may say that the MEAN stack is a group of JavaScript-based technologies used to create online applications. MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js are together known as MEAN. MEAN is a complete stack JavaScript application, from client to server to database.

M stands for MongoDB, a well-liked database manager that uses a NoSQL framework.
E is the Express.js framework, which is used to host and support Node.js projects.
A stand for Angular.js, yet another app development framework. It expands on the traditional HTML framework design to accommodate web applications.
N is Node.js, the ultimate achievement. This runtime environment, which operates on the back end and executes server-side web applications

What parts make up the MEAN stack?

The four main parts of the MEAN stack are as follows:


A structural framework for dynamic web applications is AngularJS. It enables you to utilize HTML as your template language and enhance HTML syntax to represent the components of your application concisely and unambiguously. A significant portion of the code you now have to write is eliminated by AngularJS data binding and dependency injection. And since everything takes place within the browser, any server technology may work well with it.

  • An effective JavaScript-based programming framework for RICH Internet Applications is AngularJS (RIA).
  • Developers have alternatives using AngularJS to create a clean MVC client-side application using JavaScript (Model View Controller).
  • AngularJS is an open-source framework that is available for free to all developers. The Apache License, version 2.0, governs its use.


The most popular document-oriented NoSQL (non-structured SQL) database is MongoDB. You may operate numerous databases at once using MongoDB. Some of the attributes of MongoDB are:

  • Flexible schema-less
  • Self-managed
  • Highly scalable
  • Multi-cloud data platform


A top-notch web server, Node.js can be compared to JavaScript outside of a browser. It is primarily used by developers to create backend API services, and conventional web, and mobile apps. Several operating systems, including Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and Windows, support Node.js. Node.js has several functionalities, including:

  • Dynamic webpages content
  • Free ASCII text file pattern
  • Node package manager (NPM)
  • Asynchronous, event-driven model


The Node.js framework has a versatile and uncluttered replacement called Express.js. It is used by programmers to create backends, reasonably complicated websites, and mobile apps. Express.js is quick, reliable, and asynchronous. Among Express.js’s features are the following:

  • Single and multi-page web apps
  • Content negotiation
  • Pluggable and very flexible
  • HTTP utility methods (Put, Get, Delete, or Post)

The MEAN stack is known for its flexibility and the ability to use JavaScript throughout the entire development stack, simplifying the development process and promoting code reuse. It has gained popularity for building modern and scalable web applications.

Our Works & Services MEAN Stack Applications

Grocery Delivery App Development


  • a mediator or facilitator who links a customer with the supermarket
  • Ideal for companies that operate a supermarket or a chain of outlets


  • like aggregators, except firms use their own delivery staff to distribute goods.

Individual Shops

  • a grocery shop with a tailored app to complement its physical location and establish an online presence.

Chains of supermarkets

  • Grocery chain on-demand apps that are substantial and scalable
  • gathering customer information to provide highly customized offers

Location-Based App Development


  • Find hotels and well-known eateries using your present location.
  • Give passengers alerts and messages in real-time


  • Items are conveniently located in stores.
  • Verify the goods’ availability and any deals or discounts.
  • Choose delivery or pickup.


  • monitoring of vehicle locations
  • Informing travelers of arrivals and delays
  • achieving delivery compliance and speed

monitoring of health and fitness

  • Create a daily exercise routine.
  • Find nearby fitness centers or personal trainers
  • Connect with other traveling fitness enthusiasts who share your interests.

Community and social media

  • List and display candidates based on proximity to each other
  • Connect with people worldwide based on your choices of location

Healthcare Mobile App Development

applications for healthcare

  • Make it possible for patients and doctors to regularly consult with one another
  • combines telemedicine features such as video consultations, appointment scheduling, and remote patient monitoring.

Applications for telepharmacies

  • enables quick and easy contact between patients and pharmacists to discuss prescriptions, dosage, and other topics.

Medical apps

  • designed specifically for pharmaceutical and medical organizations to streamline processes and share data about new products, medical procedures, and more. Read more about how our customized healthcare solutions assist medical practices in enhancing clinical effectiveness and delivering better patient care.

Exercise apps

  • provides customers with frequent advice on nutrition and exercise routines to help them reach their fitness goals and stay active.

Apps for mental health

  • maintains mental wellness through counseling and therapy sessions that encourage restful sleep and stress reduction through interesting visuals and exercise.

Benefits of using the MEAN stack web/mobile apps

  • It is more rapid and effective than conventional servers, making it suitable for tiny apps.
  • improved user experience, more sensitive to user inputs
  • The business logic and presentation details are kept apart in MVC design.
  • Both frontend and backend app development are supported by full-stack development.
  • Input/output and CPU troubleshooting take less time with a quick and reliable web server.

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