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With a single codebase, the next-generation apps for iOS and Android can be created using the groundbreaking, expressive, and adaptable Flutter App Development framework in record time.
With our specialized flutter app development services, you may get individualized help services that put you closer to the demands of your clients.
Employ flutter app developers to handle everything from requirement gathering through mobile app delivery, ensuring high-quality project completion.
By offering workarounds & Bug fixes to a security audit and mobile application advancements, our staff will assist you with issues of any complexity level.

Flutter App Development Services to Create Experience-Driven Apps

Flutter is a free and open-source software development kit for building graphical user interfaces for Android and iOS powered by Google. With a single codebase, it delivers the finest cross-platform app development. Hot reload, widget, and library features make it possible to create great native apps quickly.
Unlike previous hybrid frameworks, Flutter has a single codebase that is compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms, as well as widgets and tools that enable the creation and deployment of user interfaces with animations. Moreover, all released code is natively code-compiled utilizing tools like Android NDK, LLVM, and AOT that don’t utilize interpreters, resulting in the delivery of the fastest code that is extremely close to the pure native performance.

Flutter – Technology in Detail

Flutter is an open-source UI software development toolkit created by Google for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It allows developers to use a single codebase to create high-performance, visually appealing applications for multiple platforms.

Key features and concepts of Flutter include:

  1. Single Codebase:
    • Flutter enables the development of cross-platform applications with a single codebase. Developers write their app logic and UI once and can deploy it on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and desktop.
  2. Dart Programming Language:
    • Flutter uses the Dart programming language. Dart is a modern, object-oriented language that is easy to learn and offers features such as a just-in-time (JIT) compiler for fast development cycles and an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler for efficient production deployment.
  3. Widget-based Architecture:
    • Flutter uses a widget-based architecture, where everything in the UI is a widget. Widgets are reusable components that can be composed to build complex UIs. Flutter provides a rich set of pre-designed widgets, and developers can create their own custom widgets.
  4. Hot Reload:
    • Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows developers to quickly see the effects of code changes in real-time without restarting the entire application. This speeds up the development process and enhances the developer experience.
  5. Expressive UI:
    • Flutter allows developers to create highly expressive and flexible UIs with its rich set of customizable widgets. The framework provides a high degree of control over the look and feel of the application.
  6. Material Design and Cupertino Style:
    • Flutter supports both Material Design (Android) and Cupertino (iOS) styles, ensuring that apps look and feel native to each platform. Developers can choose to use platform-specific designs or create a custom look for their applications.
  7. Access to Native Features:
    • Flutter provides a set of plugins to access native features and functionalities on both iOS and Android devices. This allows developers to integrate with device-specific capabilities such as camera, sensors, and location services.
  8. Community and Packages:
    • Flutter has a growing and active community, contributing to the ecosystem with packages and plugins. Developers can leverage these packages to add additional functionality to their applications.
  9. Performance:
    • Flutter applications are compiled to native ARM code, providing high performance. The framework is designed to achieve smooth animations and deliver a responsive user experience.
  10. Desktop and Web Support:
    • Flutter has expanded beyond mobile platforms and now supports desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and web development. This enables developers to target a broader range of platforms using the same codebase.

Flutter has gained popularity for its flexibility, performance, and the ability to create visually appealing and consistent user interfaces across different platforms. It is commonly used by developers and organizations for building a variety of applications, ranging from mobile apps to interactive websites and desktop applications.

Our method for creating mobile applications


To produce genuinely engaging goods, we collaborate with clients and generate ideas from them.


Plans for the entire interface and the material that will be included in it will be made with clarity. This enables us to adapt to changing circumstances and early feedback.


We create & build the product step-by-step to meet client expectations. We cooperate closely


Finally, we check the program for errors or defects. When the testing is through, we make sure our clients receive quality service.

Our Works & Services in Flutter Applications

Grocery Delivery App Development


  • a mediator or facilitator who links a customer with the supermarket
  • Ideal for companies that operate a supermarket or a chain of outlets


  • like aggregators, except firms use their own delivery staff to distribute goods.

Individual Shops

  • a grocery shop with a tailored app to complement its physical location and establish an online presence.

Chains of supermarkets

  • Grocery chain on-demand apps that are substantial and scalable
  • gathering customer information to provide highly customized offers

Location-Based App Development


  • Find hotels and well-known eateries using your present location.
  • Give passengers alerts and messages in real-time


  • Items are conveniently located in stores.
  • Verify the goods’ availability and any deals or discounts.
  • Choose delivery or pickup.


  • monitoring of vehicle locations
  • Informing travelers of arrivals and delays
  • achieving delivery compliance and speed

monitoring of health and fitness

  • Create a daily exercise routine.
  • Find nearby fitness centers or personal trainers
  • Connect with other traveling fitness enthusiasts who share your interests.

Community and social media

  • List and display candidates based on proximity to each other
  • Connect with people worldwide based on your choices of location

Healthcare Mobile App Development

applications for healthcare

  • Make it possible for patients and doctors to regularly consult with one another
  • combines telemedicine features such as video consultations, appointment scheduling, and remote patient monitoring.

Applications for telepharmacies

  • enables quick and easy contact between patients and pharmacists to discuss prescriptions, dosage, and other topics.

Medical apps

  • designed specifically for pharmaceutical and medical organizations to streamline processes and share data about new products, medical procedures, and more. Read more about how our customized healthcare solutions assist medical practices in enhancing clinical effectiveness and delivering better patient care.

Exercise apps

  • provides customers with frequent advice on nutrition and exercise routines to help them reach their fitness goals and stay active.

Apps for mental health

  • maintains mental wellness through counseling and therapy sessions that encourage restful sleep and stress reduction through interesting visuals and exercise.

Advantages of Developing Flutter Apps

Cost-efficient Approach

A single code base can be used to create apps for both iOS and Android thanks to flutter, which makes the creation of apps more affordable. removing the requirement for distinct iOS and Android developers.

Simple to maintain

With Flutter, it is now simpler and more comfortable to release new features and maintain mobile apps because just one code base is needed to do so.

Advanced UI/UX

We design simple user interfaces with Flutter to deliver a thrilling experience. Moreover, developers are not constrained by the limitations of the native UI framework’s implementation.

Simple to adopt

The main goal of the Flutter architecture is to make it easier for developers to create new applications. By providing integration utilizing several programming languages, it does this.

single codebase

Developers no longer have to create unique codes for iOS and Android thanks to Flutter. To design apps for both iOS and Android, use a single codebase.

Faster Testing

Before the introduction of Flutter, the testing procedure for the two distinct platforms had to be completed independently by the developers. This made testing slower and less effective.

Enhanced Experience

Flutter’s cutting-edge technology makes it simpler to satisfy customer requests by enabling developers to produce a quicker and more fluid experience for end users.

Creating Widgets

Flutter enables developers to create new widgets in addition to allowing customization of already existing widgets. The SDK’s extensive widget library makes it simple to quickly personalize a widget.

faster user experience

The developers can surely provide your end customers with a smoother experience using the recently debuted technology and its insurmountable number of capabilities. And as we all know, more exposure and acceptability result from an improved user experience.

AURORA iTech specializes in Flutter Technology based Hybrid Mobile Application development for all business sectors.

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