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We provide a variety of CakePHP open-source solutions for your needs thanks to our extensive PHP knowledge.
Extremely versatile and expandable template with a highly protected and organized foundation
Compatibility with PHP 4, 5, and 7
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Cake PHP – Technology in Detail

CakePHP is an open-source web application framework for the PHP programming language. It follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern and provides a structured framework for building web applications quickly and efficiently. CakePHP aims to make development tasks straightforward and reduce the amount of code developers need to write, following the “convention over configuration” paradigm. Here are key features and concepts associated with CakePHP:

  1. MVC Architecture:
    • CakePHP follows the MVC architectural pattern, which separates an application into three main components: Model (data handling), View (presentation), and Controller (application logic). This separation enhances code organization and maintainability.
  2. Conventions:
    • CakePHP promotes conventions over configuration, which means that developers follow a set of naming conventions for files, classes, and database tables. This reduces the need for explicit configuration, making it easier to get started.
  3. Scaffolding:
    • CakePHP includes a scaffolding feature that automatically generates basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality for models. This speeds up development for simple applications by creating basic views and controllers based on the defined models.
  4. ORM (Object-Relational Mapping):
    • CakePHP comes with its own Object-Relational Mapping system, known as CakePHP ORM. This allows developers to interact with databases using PHP objects, making database operations more intuitive and expressive.
  5. CRUD Operations:
    • CakePHP simplifies database operations by providing methods for performing CRUD operations on models. This includes querying data, saving records, updating data, and deleting records.
  6. Helpers and Components:
    • CakePHP includes helpers and components that provide reusable functionality for common tasks. Helpers assist with the generation of HTML, form handling, and other UI-related tasks. Components encapsulate and reuse application logic.
  7. Validation:
    • CakePHP provides built-in validation features for form data and models. Developers can define validation rules to ensure that data meets specific criteria before it is saved to the database.
  8. Routing:
    • CakePHP offers a flexible routing system that allows developers to define custom URL structures for their applications. Routing can be used to create clean and SEO-friendly URLs.
  9. Middleware:
    • CakePHP supports middleware, allowing developers to customize the request/response cycle. Middleware components can be added to modify or enhance the behavior of an application at different stages of processing.
  10. Security Features:
    • CakePHP includes security features to help developers protect against common security vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and SQL injection.
  11. Command-Line Interface (CLI):
    • CakePHP includes a command-line interface (CLI) called Cake Console. Developers can use the CLI to perform tasks such as generating code, running migrations, and managing plugins.
  12. Community and Documentation:
    • CakePHP has an active community of developers, and the official documentation provides comprehensive guides and references. The community actively contributes to plugins, extensions, and support forums.

CakePHP is suitable for a variety of web applications, ranging from small projects to large-scale enterprise applications. Its emphasis on conventions, built-in features, and ease of use make it a popular choice for developers who value rapid application development and maintainability.

Cake PHP Development

Nowadays, Cake PHP is one of the most widely used frameworks for PHP development and is the framework of choice for any developer looking to create straightforward, efficient online applications. It is an open-source MVC framework built in PHP that is based on the ideas of Ruby on Rails and offers an extensible architecture for developing, managing, and deploying web applications. By employing its high-end capability, it also assists developers in creating strong and secure web apps.
Model-View-Controller, Active Record, Association Data Mapping, Convention over Configuration, and Front Controller are just a few of the well-known software engineering ideas and design patterns used by CakePHP.

Advantages of using Cake PHP:

    • Nice & Active Open Source Community
    • Adaptive Licensing
    • Compatibility with PHP 4, 5, and 7
    • Application Scaffolding Code Creation with Integrated CRUD for Database Interaction
    • Architecture MVC
    • Using Clean, Custom URLs, and Routes, Request Dispatcher
    • Internal Validation
    • Quick and versatile templating (PHP Syntax with Helpers)
    • View Helpers for JavaScript, HTML Forms, AJAX, and other technologies
    • Components for Email, Cookies, Security, Sessions, and Request Handling
    • ACL Data Sanitization is adaptable
    • Localization Caching That Is Modular
    • Runs from any website directory and requires just minimal Apache configuration

Cake PHP Programming Competencies

We provide you with reliable CakePHP web application development at a reasonable cost as a pioneering offshore software development company with offices in India. With the most recent versions of this open-source framework, our seasoned PHP web developers are keeping up with the most recent industry standards. They also have the necessary abilities to integrate them into your web applications without impairing their functioning.
Several web application development projects, like the Document Management System, Customer Relationship Management, and Hotel Management System, to mention a few, have been developed by AURORA iTech using CakePHP.

Services We Offer using Cake PHP

The CakePHP Services Offered by AURORA iTech

With the assistance of knowledgeable PHP web developers, AURORA iTech provides the following services to the Open Source market:

  • Website Building With CakePHP
  • Creation of a shopping cart in CakePHP
  • Development & Modification of the CakePHP CMS
  • CakePHP Website Maintainance
  • Creation of Custom CakePHP Components
  • Upgrade & Integration of CakePHP
  • Extension Development in CakePHP

To save coding time, AURORA iTech offers a variety of CakePHP development solutions that make the most of the MVC framework design. We add significant value to your web application development project and provide quick application development for our clients all over the world thanks to our extensive PHP knowledge and highly skilled CakePHP engineers.

AURORA iTech specializes in Cake PHP Technology based Website, Web Application development for all business sectors.

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